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Yomiuri Giants Birthplace Monument Yatsu Chiba

Yomiuri Giants Birthplace Monument

The Yomiuri Giants Birthplace Monument commemorates the founding members of the Giants.

In 1934, when an all-star team from the American Major League Baseball and the famous player Babe Ruth came to Japan, Japan, which did not have a professional baseball team at that time, selected players from six universities to form the All Japan Army.

The two teams practiced at the Yatsu Stadium in the old Yatsu Amusement Park, and the members of this select group became the founding members of the Giants, thus marking the birth of professional baseball in Japan.

The monument is located by the entrance of the Yatsu Rose Garden, so even if you are not a Giants fan, it is a good spot to look for it and spend some time.

Yomiuri Giants Birthplace Monument Yatsu Chiba


NameYomiuri Giants Birthplace Monument
AddressIn Yatsu Rose Garden, 3-1-14 Yatsu, Narashino-shi, Chiba, Japan

How To Get To The Giants Birthplace Monument

5 minute walk from Yatsu Station on the Keisei Electric Railway Line. 3 minute walk from Yatsu Minami Bus Stop, bound for Yatsu Higata (by Keisei Bus) from Tsudanuma Station on the JR Sobu Line.