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Tsubaki Park Chiba

Tsubaki Park

Tsubaki Park is a vast park of 27,500 square meters where more than 1,000 varieties of camellias are planted.

It is magnificent to see all the camellias in bloom at once from early February to early April. The park itself is located on a hill, so the view of the whole town is also one of the attractions.

Camellias have been used as hedges for private houses in Ohara for a long time, and you can see camellias everywhere in the town except this camellia park.

There are also a suspension bridge and an observatory, so it’s fun to take a walk around.

Tsubaki Park Chiba


NameTsubaki Park
Hours10am – 5pm (Entry – 4:30pm)
Closedwithout a holiday
Feefree admission
Address539 Fukabori, Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture
Telephone0470-62-1111(Ohara Town Fisheries, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Division)

How To Get To Tsubaki Park

JR Ohara Station→15 min. walk