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Ouchi Kappa House Choshi Chiba

Ouchi Kappa House

The Ouchi Kappa House is a small museum in Choshi, Japan where kappa goods collected from all over Japan are gathered.

Ouchi Kappa House Choshi Chiba

The museum’s collection was collected by the museum’s director, Mr. Ouchi, over a period of more than 40 years.

There are about 5,000 various Kappa goods, from paintings and stone statues to kokeshi dolls and stuffed animals.

Of these, about 1,400 items have been selected to be on permanent display. Especially, “Kappa and Badger” by Imosen Ogawa in the first floor exhibition room is worth seeing.

Ouchi Kappa House Choshi Chiba

This is a good place for not only Kappa lovers but also those who enjoy out of the ordinary museums.

Area: Choshi
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Ouchi Kappa House Information

NameOuchi Kappa House
ClosedClosed on Wednesdays
FeeAdmission 200 yen
Address6-25 Chuo-machi, Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture

How To Get To The Ouchi Kappa House

JR Choshi Station→12 min. walk