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Tsubaki Park

Tsubaki Park Chiba

Tsubaki Park is a vast park of 27,500 square meters where more than 1,000 varieties of camellias are planted. It is magnificent to see all the camellias in bloom at once from early February to early April. The park itself…

Inubosaki Marine Park

Inubosaki Marine Park

Permanently Closed: Please note that the Inubosaki Marine Park Permanently Closed in 2018 The Inubosaki Marine Park is located near the Inubozaki Lighthouse and can be visited in about an hour. The aquarium has a wide range of tropical and…

Kimisarazu Tower

Kimisarazu Tower in Kisarazu Chiba

The 28-meter-high Kimisarazu Tower stands atop Mount Ota, also known as the Forest of Love. The tower was built in honor of the legend of Nihon Buson, a legend passed down in this region. At the tip of the sword-shaped…