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Nojimazaki Lighthouse Shirahama Chiba

Nojimazaki Lighthouse

The Nojimazaki Lighthouse, (Nojima Cape Lighthouse) which stands on a cape jutting out into the Pacific Ocean at the southernmost tip of the Boso Peninsula, was designed by French engineer Wellny in 1869 and was one of the first Western-style lighthouses in Japan. 

Nojimazaki Lighthouse Shirahama Chiba

It collapsed once due to the Great Kanto Earthquake, but was rebuilt in 1925 and continues to this day. 

One of the eight lighthouses that promised construction with Europe and the United States in the second year of the Keio era when the country was opened to the world. 

Nojimazaki Lighthouse Shirahama Chiba

The first lighthouse was Kannonzaki Lighthouse, and later Western-style lighthouses were built at Nojimazaki Lighthouse, Kashinozaki, Shionomisaki, Satasaki, and Kenzaki. 

It is a lighthouse with a height of 28.98m, and if you climb the spiral staircase, you can get a great view of the Pacific Ocean and the distant Izu Peninsula from the observatory. 

In addition, it is a park with a promenade from the bottom of the lighthouse to the cape.

Nojimazaki Lighthouse Shirahama Chiba

Nojimazaki Lighthouse Overview

NameNojimazaki Lighthouse
(Nojima Cape Lighthouse)
Hours8:30-15:00 (Operating every 20 minutes)
Holidayopen every day (closed in case of bad weather)
priceAdmission 150 yen (common with Nojimasaki Lighthouse Museum and Kirarin Museum)
address630 Shirahama, Shirahama Town, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture
phone number0470-38-3231

How To Get To Nojimazaki Lighthouse

JR Tateyama Station → 34 minutes by JR bus bound for Awa Shirahama via Awa Kobe, get off at Nojimazaki Todaiguchi bus stop, 11 minutes on foot

Nojimazaki Lighthouse Shirahama Chiba
Sunset From the Nojimazaki Lighthouse Area